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Cameo Cameltoe

Cameo Cameltoe invited herself to be in a bunch of bonkers and brilliant shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2019. She raced around town to join Luke Rollason, Paul F Taylor, Marcel Lucont, Bright Buoys and Lolly Jones for brief ridiculous moments on stage.

Where will she pop up in 2021?



Tell Tale Tits is a theatre company​, making silly work.

Telling stories, being clowns and choreographing idiocy.

TellTaleTits' first work 'Her Ps and Qs' is by Charlotte Warner and Lexi Bradburn - who met in 2018 on a show described as 'hilarious and engaging' by an unknown online reviewer. What's not to love?

Charlotte and Lexi write plays, act, 'do' comedy and have stage presence to die for. No-one has died. Yet.



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